ESCs Assisting Schools with HB 5 Implementation

The 83rd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature passed HB 5, which became effective with the Governor’s signature in June 2013.  This bill codified changes to the Texas Education Code in a number of areas including curriculum, accountability, assessment, and accreditation. The ESCs are working with counselors, teachers, and administrators to ensure they have the necessary tools to effectively work with parents and students in selecting coursework that matches the student’s selected endorsement.  Additionally, the ESCs are facilitating opportunities for school personnel to meet and collaborate on best practices to successfully implement the requirements of HB 5.

Below are links to resources provided by the regional education service centers, designed to provide assistance in understanding the many changes that will impact Local Education Agencies (LEAs) over the next few years.

HB 5 Text

TEA HB 5 Website

Resources provided by ESCs: