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Busy summer for ESCs leads to exciting start of school year

It has been quite a busy summer for Texas education service centers (ESCs). While students get to enjoy the summer months and prepare for the next school year, ESCs are busy helping schools and educators ensure they have the resources they need to be ready when students return in the fall…Read more at Texas School […]

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We will regularly be posting updates about what is going on at ESCs and how ESCs are helping improve education in Texas. Please keep checking back to see how we are making a difference in the lives of teachers and students!

Education Service Centers Are Worth the Investment

At a recent meeting activist in a West Texas town, a non-resident called for the closure of Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs) and referred to them an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars. The rationale for this claim is that ESCs compete with the private sector in providing products and services to school districts. It is […]