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Who’s My ESCs?

Every wonder which ESC serves the schools in your area? Now you will know! Below is a list of ESCs and the counties that they serve. While schools are free to chose services from any ESC, they each reside in a specific service area. Additionally, each link will take you to a two-page summary of […]

ESCs Assisting Schools with HB 5 Implementation

The 83rd Regular Session of the Texas Legislature passed HB 5, which became effective with the Governor’s signature in June 2013.  This bill codified changes to the Texas Education Code in a number of areas including curriculum, accountability, assessment, and accreditation. The ESCs are working with counselors, teachers, and administrators to ensure they have the […]

Tyler Morning Telegraph: Center hosts event to help educators improve workforce preparedness

KILGORE — East Texas business and education leaders gathered to discuss how they could work together to improve education and workforce preparedness.БАТАТ The Region 7 Education Service Center in Kilgore put on the event Thursday in partnership with the Kilgore Economic Development Corp., the Longview Economic Development Corp., the Tyler Area Business-Education Council and Workforce […]

Victoria Advocate Honors Region III’s Julius Cano on Retirement

“Education is one of the most important services offered in our society. In this, people offer the tools and knowledge the next generation will need to grow and become successful in today’s world.  The people who dedicate their time and effort to providing a quality education are what makes this service successful.”   The rest […]

Educators Continue to Find Education Service Centers Invaluable

Texas educators continue to find services provided by the 20 Texas Regional Education Service Centers (ESCs) invaluable, and school leaders strongly approve of the support being provided.  The Institute for Organizational Excellence at The University of Texas at Austin conducted a survey of 1,288 leaders of school districts and charter schools on their satisfaction with […]

El Paso Times Honors ESC 19 Executive Director Jimmy Vasquez on 60 Years of Service to Texas Students

The El Paso Times Editorial Board has authored an editorial honoring Region 19 Executive Director Jimmy Vasquez on his retirement after SIXTY years of service to Texas public education.  You can read the full editorial <a title="EPT Editorial" href="http://www.elpasotimes .com/opinion/ci_24557311/vasquez-left-mark-texas-education”>here.berryjam.ru